My Words

sepia-hand La Cabeza Grande started out as a self-deprecating reference to the size of my head (it is a large one). It was a name that stuck over the years as my online alter ego. I am often given to a fanciful turn of phrase and love words and double entendre, neologisms, homonyms, and jokes in Latin.

Although I spent several years as a broadcast journalist, I still tried to engage my audience with a well-crafted storytelling approach to delivering the news; taking the listener with me, sharing what I saw, heard, experienced – all in no more than 50 seconds.

My favorite mode of written expression remains creative writing and poetry – especially haiku. Both offer other avenues to explore the interplay between language, rhythms, words and meaning.  I’ve been writing fiction and short stories since I was 8 years old.  So what have I been up to lately?  Check in at La Cabeza Grande’s Wordinghood to see what’s new (opens in new tab).