I’m On Board!

Dots and sky painting
Dots and Sky

There are times when you have to give fate a helping hand or, in my case, a handshake.

During the closing party for the Bridgeport Art Gallery exhibition, I approached a friendly-looking fellow with my outstretched hand. I assumed he was another artist showing his work. Turns out he was one of the judges for the juried exhibition.

I pressed ahead, deciding to ask for feedback on my piece and on ways that I could improve my work. I expected he would speak to color and composition. Instead, he suggested I try another substrate that, unlike canvas, resists rather than absorbs paint. He also urged me to play more with finishes and mediums that make colors advance instead of recede.

I was so jazzed that I rode that, “I guess I really could be an artist” wave all the way to the art supply store the next day. Baby got (birch) board and gloss varnish. I tried it and what you see here is the result. I’m a believer! This is so fun.